Spelling Lessons


In the days of One-Room Schoolhouses like this, spelling was considered very important, and oral spelling bees were popular. You can do either written or oral spelling when asked to spell a word in these online spelling lessons.

They can also be viewed as movies formatted for an iPod.

A DVD set of the movies can be purchased at our 40L website.

1st Grade Student, North Little Rock, AR

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If you don't have a QuickTime movie player, you can get one free at, click link above. You will need a QuickTime player to watch the movies.

Files to Download Before Using the Spelling Lessons
The spelling rules are a handy reference for all of the spelling lessons. For spelling lesson 5, you need to reference the
phonogram sound charts. Other helpful reference files for spelling lesson 5 are vowel charts and word origin slides.

The spelling lessons are for adults and older children, children reading at least at 4th grade level. Children reading below the 4th grade level who need spelling help should view the phonics lessons. The phonics lessons have all the spelling information contained in these spelling lessons, but the phonics lessons cover the spelling information at a slower pace.

These spelling lessons are meant to improve your spelling by becoming aware of the sound spelling correspondences of phonics and the basic phonetic spelling and syllable division rules. They can also be used by parents or teachers who want to learn the phonics basics they need to be able to teach children to read.

Spelling Lesson 1
QuickTime, 20 min, 6.1 mB Teaches short vowel sounds, spelling rules, syllable division rules.

Spelling Lesson 2
QuickTime, 23 min, 7.0 mB Teaches schwa sound, long vowel sounds, spelling and syllable division rules.

Spelling Lesson 3
QuickTime, 26 min, 7.3 mB Teaches other vowel sounds, l and r controlled vowels, silent letters, and spelling and syllable division rules.

Spelling Lesson 4
QuickTime, 22 min, 6.5 mB Teaches prefixes, suffixes, vowels that divide, and spelling and syllable division rules.

Spelling Lesson 5
QuickTime, 25 min, 8.1 mB Teaches a review of all vowel sounds, English and Latin spelling patterns, dictionary use, phonogram chart use, and where to go from here.