Popular Phonics and Spelling Resources on this Website

This website has over 200 pages worth of free phonics and spelling resources. Use the links at the top of the page to explore your favorite category of resource. Below are a few quick links and a summary of the most popular and useful resources, a sampling of the things you will find in the categories linked above.

Free Online Phonics Lessons
This is 40L's most comprehensive and powerful resource, a series of free online phonics lessons in movie format. Most students gain a reading grade level or two after watching the movies. They teach phonics up to a 12th grade reading level, and also teach spelling rules. They are best for students who are in the 2nd grade and older, although students as young as 6 years old have successfully completed the lessons.

Free Online Spelling Lessons
These spelling lessons include all the spelling rules covered in the phonics lessons, but they move at a much faster pace. They are designed for students reading at the 4th grade level or above. These spelling lessons are a series of 5 online lessons in movie format.

Syllables Spell Success Program
This is a 10 lesson interactive phonics course that is free to print and use, with videos on YouTube to teach for you, you just need to do the exercises and worksheets with your student. The syllables program is very powerful, with the average class improving 1.7 grade levels and inproving their reading speed by 37%. It also teaches phonics to a 12th grade level and includes spelling rules.

How to Tutor A Remedial Student
Specific tutoring instructions with step-by-step guidelines for tutoring a remedial reading student or a group of students.

Multi-Syllable Phonics for the The Well Taught Phonics Student
Upper level phonics and syllable division ideas to quickly get a student with a good phonics base reading at the 12th grade level.

Teaching Beginning Students
How to teach a beginning student to read.

This page is also valuable for those who do not have dyslexia. It explains how some of the symptoms of dyslexia can be mimicked by those taught with sight words, and also explains the nature of sound and how our brains learn to process the sounds in words.

Sight Words
Sight words are used in whole word reading methods, however, some phonics programs also use a lot of sight words. No more than 5 sight words should be taught. This page shows some common sight words and how to sound them out using phonetic principles.

Phonics and Spelling Books
A list of good phonics and spelling books.

Reading Grade Level Tests and Diagnostic Phonics Tests
A link to the NRRF's reading grade level test for grades 1-6 and a reading grade level test developed for grades 8, 10, and 12. There are also links to diagnostic tests to determine if phonics training will be helpful.

History of Reading Instruction
A history of reading instruction, how whole language got started, phonics landmarks, and a timeline showing significant events in the battle between whole language and phonetic reading methods.

Concentration Game
This is a phonics game developed to help reinforce the basic skills learned in 40L's phonics lessons. They are helpful for both new and remedial students.