On Spelling

In the days of One-Room Schoolhouses like this, spelling was considered very important, and children were taught to spell before they were taught to read. Spelling is still important, even in these days of larger schools and computer spell-checkers.

4th Grade Student, North Little Rock, AR

Spelling for Success
How to improve your spelling using spelling and phonics rules.

Spelling Tests
Free online spelling tests.

Scrabble Spelling Strategies
How learning the sound spelling correspondences of English can improve your scrabble score.

On Invented Spelling
Invented Spelling is a bad practice that reinforces the wrong spelling of a word.

Spelling 1851
This page is a testimony to the importance of proper spelling in the teaching of reading long before invented spelling even was dreamed of.

Webster's Way
Explains how Webster taught reading and spelling with his "Blue Backed Speller," and why we believe this is the best way to teach anyone to read--beginner or adult. If you have difficulty spelling, you could benefit from learning to spell Webster's Way.

Spelling Lessons/Phonics Review Lessons
QuickTime movie format. All the spelling rules and sound spelling correspondences you need to learn to be a good speller. They can also be used as a review of the
phonics lessons, or for teachers or parents wishing an overview of all the phonics and spelling rules they need to teach a student to read.